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NFTs for Beginners
Kindle 5.65
Paperback 14.71
Discover how to create, Sell and buy digital art


Make money, Get Ahead and Avoid Getting Ripped Off in the Process!

NFTs seem REALLY complicated, right?

You could be missing out on some incredible financial opportunities but there’s a risk of getting scammed unless you know what you’re talking about.

Now you do with ‘NFTs for Beginners’.

It’s your friendly, easy-to-consume guide on how to quickly get ahead when it comes to all aspects of non-fungible tokens.

Think of this book as your trusted translator.

You will feel positive about how to spot an authentic NFT so that you don’t lose money and waste your time.

You will be able to confidently sell NFTs on the marketplace so you can create a side hustle or a full-time living – the choice is yours!

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Kindle 5.65
Paperback 14.71
Boost your self esteem by getting relief from anxiety and depression. Master your mental health with effective strategies,


Banish the outbursts and FINALLY start thriving WITHOUT the complicated psychobabble…

Managing teenage emotions can be tough.

You feel like you’ll say something embarrassing and overact, right?

Who knows what the consequences could be when you feel the anger, anxiety and fear raising their ugly head?

You’re a shell of who you could be.

With Managing Negative Emotions For Teens’, fear will be a thing of the past.

With strategies you can immediately put in place, you’ll also get to the bottom as to why you feel like you do.

You will avoid those feelings of regret by being one step ahead of your triggers and actually start enjoying life and blossom.

Start to smile more and feel the joy life has to offer.

Think of it like a best friend by your side guiding you towards

Order now and improve your overall wellbeing EVEN if you’ve tried everything before…

Kindle 5.65
Paperback 14.71
Discover the tools on how to calm your anxious thoughts and thrive in life. Ease your worries and give your mind a rest.


Crush your triggers and SAY GOODBYE to feeling embarrassed EVEN if you’ve tried everything before…

Are you constantly drained, snappy and avoiding life due to your suffocating anxiety?

You’ve been avoiding all social situations and missing out on a happy life, haven’t you?

With The Teen Girls Anxiety Survival Guide’ that will be a thing of the past. Relief is on the way!

You will become confident at making eye contact and walking into a room full of strangers.

You will banish the embarrassment of panic attacks with these simple easy-to-implement strategies.

With your new-found zest for life, you will start thriving and be able to get a full night’s sleep at last.

Master your thoughts, control your triggers and become the YOU you’ve always known was there…

Think of this book as a supportive friend by your side.

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